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330 Royal Gorge Blvd.
Canon City, CO 81212

Contact: Sarah Martinez
Phone Number: 719-276-40000

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Located 45 minutes southwest of Colorado Springs and 2 hours southwest of Denver, the Royal Gorge Route Railroad traverses the narrows of the iconic Royal Gorge within the granite cliffs that soar more than 1,000 feet above the tracks. Inheriting a storied past that dates back to 1879, this is Colorado’s oldest and most famous streamliner.

Services & Amenities:

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad runs year-round and is best known for providing the ultimate experience of the Royal Gorge on a 24-mile round-trip journey, combining history, scenery, service, and delicious food. Passengers may choose to ride our Lunch, Dinner, and Murder Mystery trains, as well as special excursions like the Colorado Wine Train, Oktoberfest, the Santa Express, New Year's Eve Dinner, Ales on Rails, Mother's Day, and Easter.  We continue to add more themed dining experiences as we create them. 

The Happy Endings Caboose Cafe is a recently added dining option on our campus. The cafe is located in a beautifully restored railroad caboose & the menu includes espresso coffee, delicious sweet & savory crepes, gelato, paninis & fresh baguette sandwiches.

A further addition to the Royal Gorge Route Railroad experience is the Royal Gorge Mansion.  This luxurious turn of the 20th-century mansion, formerly the Robison Mansion, is available for overnight stays.  Photos and information regarding the mansion can be accessed at

Classes of service onboard the Royal Gorge Route hark back to a time when travel was an elegant and leisurely affair, which has earned the train its reputation as the premier excursion railroad in the country. Choose multi-course meals designed by our acclaimed chef, Jeremy Garnett, who brings the bright, fresh tastes of Colorado together with classically satisfying flavors aboard the Royal Gorge Route’s meticulously restored dining or observation dome rail cars. Budget-minded passengers can opt for classic vista domes and coach style cars where guests can visit the recently restored club car for Colorado wines and micro-brews along with a full service bar.

About Us:

We are leaders in the scenic railroad industry. Our peers in the industry can’t compete because of our uniqueness as a private, family-owned company that never tires of this spectacular canyon and continues to raise the bar of excellence. When we say ‘our service, food, and overall experience are second to none,’ we mean it.

Through the years we’ve been running this railroad, we have gathered a variety of ‘best of’ awards for our food and service.

Over 100,000 guests from around the world come to ride this train annually, to experience the beauty of this amazing canyon, enjoy delicious food and wine, and relish the fact that text messages cannot distract them deep in the gorge. No, your cell phone won’t work when you’re over 1,000 feet deep beneath the granite walls of the Royal Gorge. This is a good thing. You’ll meet some interesting people on your journey, so slow down a bit, and enjoy the nostalgia of what quality train travel was like back in the 1950s. It’s just more comfortable now.

Travel Region: South Central

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