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928 E, Main St.
Cortez, CO 81321

Contact: Brian Bartlett
Phone Number(s): (970) 565-4048


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As Southwestern Colorado’s outdoor recreation and cultural hub, Mesa Verde Country will reward you with adventure at every turn. Our welcoming communities of Cortez, Dolores, and Mancos offer comfy accommodations, world-class dining, microbreweries and wineries, all kinds of outdoor fun, and visitor services. Ancient Adventures and wild spaces are what make Mesa Verde Country a destination of superlatives and treasures.

Services & Amenities:

The landscape of Mesa Verde Country’s rolling plains, towering mountains, and spectacular mesas has nurtured people for thousands of years. To experience Mesa Verde Country is to travel back through time. It’s nearly impossible to explore the thousands of ancient archaeological sites in a lifetime, let alone a week. Located on open plains and perched high in cliff faces, each site will intrigue and spark a human connection. As you wander these same paths through forests and canyons you’ll marvel at the same skies the Ancestral Puebloans did lifetimes ago. Mesa Verde National Park is just the beginning. Otherworld treasures are nearby. Ute Mountain Tribal Park is a unique way to experience a Native American interpretation of their ancestral homeland. At Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, you can hike or mountain bike to ancient sites. Or, you can venture into any of the four communities for art galleries, museums, casinos, farm-to-table cuisine, local brews, and shopping.  Travel Region: Mountains & Mesas Category: Destinations, Attractions

About Us:

Ancient Adventures Await with our helpful travel counselors and online itineraries. Tour buses are welcome to stop at our friendly Colorado Welcome Center! we have brochures, maps, road and weather conditions, and friendly Colorado smiles to greet you.

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