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Lenore C. Bates
Colorado Byways Program Manager
Bicycle, Pedestrian & Byways Section
2829 W. Howard Pl. 4th Fl. |  Denver CO 80204

P 303.757.9786 | F 303.757.9727

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Vision Statement: Guiding Travelers to experience and be inspired by treasured places that comprise Colorado's Scenic and Historic Byways   In 2019, the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways celebrated its 30th anniversary. Colorado has an established system of Scenic and Historic Byways, 26 in all, totaling 2,565 roadway miles located in 48 counties. Eleven byways have been awarded the national designation of America's Byways®. Colorado Byways lead travelers from one place to another.  These byways follow existing roads or highways and are signed with a Rocky Mountain columbine (the Colorado state flower) logo denoting the route. These essential routes provide access to eight National Forests and two National Grasslands; eight National Monuments, two National Historic Sites; two National Heritage Areas; two National Wildlife Refuges; two National Recreation Areas; 13 National Recreation Trails; and four National Parks; and to at least seven federally recognized Wilderness Areas.  Plus, these roads wide through many National Historic Districts and include two National Historic Trails. Colorado Byways furthermore provide access to 23 Colorado State Parks and 26 other environmental points of interest, including National Natural Landmarks. Last but not least, there are also Colorado Welcome Centers, Colorado Creative Districts, and Colorado Main Streets available on these unique drives. The Colorado Byways program is intended to provide recreational, educational and economic benefits through interpretation and identification of key points of interest together with the protection of significant resources.


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