Dinosaur Diamond
Dinosaur DiamondLength: 486 miles. Driving time: 2 – 3 days.
The Dinosaur Diamond runs through the best land in the world to learn about dinosaurs. Numerous sites are available to the public where bones, fossils, and tracks are still visible in the ground. … Read More


Flat Tops Trail
Flat Tops TrailLength: 82 miles. Driving time: 2 hours.
This byway cuts through the heart of the original White River Plateau Timberland Reserve, set aside in the late 19th century as the second unit of what eventually became the National Forest system. … Read More


Colorado River Headwaters
Colorado River HeadwatersLength: 80 miles. Driving time: 2 hours.
Dropping 1,700 feet in elevation from end to end, the Colorado River Headwaters Byway follows the Colorado past reservoirs and lush ranchlands, and through narrow canyons flanked by the railroad. Wildlife abounds and access to miles of public land offers year-round recreation and views of mountain landscapes and geology. … Read More


Grand Mesa
Grand MesaLength: 63 miles. Driving time: 2 hours.
For those seeking a higher plane of being, this byway offers a truly transcendent experience. This byway has the world’s largest flat-topped mountain. A “must-see” is the Lands End Overlook. No wonder this byway is called “the playground in the sky.” … Read More