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2440 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302

Contact: Andrew Heidt
Office Phone: 303-442-2911
Fax: 303-938-2098

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Welcome to BOULDER, Colorado Convention & Visitors Bureau Visit us at Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau Located 35 miles northwest of downtown Denver and 45 minutes from Denver International Airport, Boulder is nestled at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains at 5,430 feet above sea level. A captivating mountain community enriched with natural beauty and diverse cultural delights, Boulder has a dynamic economy, an award winning University, and a vibrant love of the outdoors. Populated by approximately 97,000 residents, including 25,000 students annually at the University of Colorado, Boulder is the eighth largest city in the State. Spanning approximately 27 square miles, Boulder is commonly referred to as the little town nestled between the mountains and reality, a saying originating from the quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Services & Amenities:

Visit our site to explore Boulder’s - Accommodations - Attractions - Recreation - Event Calendar - Dining - Lodging - Activities - Transportation - Just 4 Kids - Convention Services - and much more!

About Us:

By November 1871, the town of Boulder was incorporated. Now firmly established as an actual city, Boulder dropped the hopeful title of “city” from its name. Today, Boulder has 103,000 residents in addition to 29,000 University of Colorado students. Many things in Boulder have changed since its humble beginnings, however, there is much that has not. Boulder is as beautiful now as ever, and due to well thought out planning and preservation, Boulder has not lost its individuality or uniqueness as a beautiful place to work and play. Boulder is now famous for its value of environmental preservation, education, and quality of life. A city that was once considered uninhabitable, as it was a part of the Great American Desert, has flourished to what it is today, overcoming many problems and impediments along the way. 

 Region: Denver & Cities Of The Rockies

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