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4218 County Road 3A
Cañon City, CO 81212

Phone Numbers: 719-276-8320

Contact Person: Gail Dexter
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There's a place in Colorado where looking down is even more breathtaking than looking up. The park combines God's Splendor and Man's ingenuity with one of the highest suspension bridges in the world nestled between the thousand-foot granite walls of the Royal Gorge. The panoramic views are magnificent and some of the best in Colorado. The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is a one-of-a-kind place to build memories that will last a lifetime with friends and family. The deck of the bridge is 956 feet above the rushing Arkansas River, swaying a little with the breeze, scary for some, thrilling for others! For those looking for a bigger thrill, check out the Royal Rush Skycoaster* or the Cloudscraper Zip Line*. The newest park feature is the Royal Gorge Via Ferrata*. Guests can hike and climb the granite rock walls of the Royal Gorge with trained mountain guides for a controlled mountaineering experience and will see views of the Royal Gorge that most don’t have the opportunity to see. *Extra Pay Features. Park Open Daily.

Services & Amenities:

One of America’s most spectacular attractions, The Royal Gorge Bridge is  America's highest suspension bridge at a height of 956 feet. The Aerial Gondola offers a unique view of the gorge and bridge from a height of 1200 over the Arkansas River and guests can enjoy unlimited rides. Enjoy the Carousel, Tommy Knocker Children’s Playland, Plaza Theatre and Historical Display, and the Gift Shops* and Restaurants* (*some gift shops and restaurants are seasonal). Meal vouchers are available and catered lunch or dinner for groups can be prepared. The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is open year- round.

About Us:

The story of how the Royal Gorge was discovered is as compelling as how the Royal Gorge Bridge was made. The first to visit were Native Americans, who hunted and camped in sheltered canyons and mountain parks of this Colorado region. The Utes, a mountain tribe, frequently wintered in the Canon City area. In fact, many of the plains Indians – Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Blackfeet and Comanche – followed the buffalo herds as they moved to the mountain meadows during spring and summer. Spanish missionaries knew of the Royal Gorge area as early as 1642. Fur traders and trappers visited the region during the 1700s. And in 1806, Lt. Zebulon Montgomery Pike – for whom Pikes Peak is named – established a camp at the eastern portals of the Gorge and sent a scouting party to explore the canyon. In 1877, silver was discovered on the upper waters of the Arkansas River. This sparked a controversy between two competing railroads: the Rio Grande and the Santa Fe. Both wanted the rights to build the new freight railroad to carry the ore down from the mountains. From dynamiting competitor’s railway efforts to exchanging gunshots, the Royal Gorge War eventually evolved into a six-month court battle. The Santa Fe was unhappy with those results and hired legendary gunfighter and U.S. Marshal Bat Masterson and part of his Kansas posse to help protect their crew and materials, while the Rio Grande countered with a 200-man posse led by former Governor A.C. Hunt. The Rio Grande railroad eventually won out. Bridge construction started in 1929 and construction was completed in less than 7 months with a crew of about 80 men. The bridge held the title of World’s Highest Suspension Bridge from 1929 until 2001. It is now North America’s Highest Suspension Bridge. Travel Region: Pikes Peak Wonders Category: Attractions, Destinations

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